Shipment Of Sumitomo SC500-2 Crawler Crane Undercarriage Part

- Apr 19, 2018 -

Shipment Of Sumitomo SC500-2 Crawler Crane Undercarriage Part

Date: Mar., 2018


Shipment: by LCL

Total Weight: 8 tons.


Some piectures:


Track Shoe_副本.jpg


Track Pin_副本.jpg


top Roller, Sprocket, Idler_副本.jpg

Suitable for Sumitomo Crawler Cranes:

SC350, SC400,   SC500,   SC500-2, SC550-2, SC650, SC650-2,   SC650DD-2, SC650-3, SC700, SC700-2,   SC800,   SC800HD, SC1000, SC1000-2, SC1500,SC1500-2, LS13RH, LS78RH,   LS78RM,   LS78RH5, LS78RHD5, LS98, LS108RM, LS108RH5,   LS110C, LS118RH3, LS118RH5,   LS118RH, LS118RM, LS120RH5, LS138H,   LS138RH5, LS138RHD5,LS208H,   LS218H, LS218RH5, LS238RH2, LS238RH3,   LS238RH5, LS248RH5, LS458HD, LS468HD,   LS518,   LS528, LS528-S, SD205, SD307,   SD407, SD510, SD610, etc.


If you're satisfied with the quality of Sumitomo SC500-2 crawler crane undercarriage parts, please  don't hesitate to place orders any more. As one of the leading undercarriage parts suppliers in China, we can promise the high quality and reliable performance.

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