Oil Leak Checking And Daily Maintenance Points Of Track Roller

- May 11, 2018 -

l  Oil Leak Checking:

1During the installation process, strict inspection should be made according to the technical requirements of the parts, so as to keep clean and prevent impurities entering into the installation surface, particular the sealing end of the sealing ring, even if there are small dust particles can destroy the seal and lead to oil leakage.

2seal cartridge, Seal rubber ring aging, deformation, scar, rupture, etc. need to be replaced with new products.

3When the spring is insufficient, it should be replaced, it should be made it smooth if its end surface is uneven. When the pressure ring warping, it should be repaired and trimmed.

4It have to be reground if big, small seal ring contact is not strict, so that it has a uniform continuous grinding seal ring. Do not touch the end of ring and disrupt the mating ring. The thickness of the ring should be same, otherwise it must be replaced.

       5. It is allowed to be wrapped with asbestos rope to reach the compactness of /0.15-0.20kg per square centimeter if the rubber ring is not thick enough.

       6. The wheel shaft bending, not round or neck wear, supporting wheel hub, sealing shell and wear of the belt should be repaired.


      7.  When the bearing and sealing ring are worn out, the 2-4mm thick oil resistant rubber ring should be added between the sealing sleeve and the hub end face according to degree of wear. The seal assembly shall be free to rotate on the hub after loading.  In addition, it can be added a pad with the outer diameter of 100mm, inner diameter 85mm, thickness of 1.5mm between the bearing outer ring and seal housing support,  to compensate bearing wear. When the height of the seal sleeve is less than 32mm, and the bearing width is less than 41mm, the new product should be replaced.

      8. The paper pad on the supporting wheel should remain intact and the thickness is suitable.


l  Daily maintenance points

After the track roller is worn to its limit size, it can be repaired by welding and manual trimming, or replaced by new parts.

The daily maintenance points of the bottom roller are as follows:

One is two maintain good lubrication sate, because the lower roller supports the weight of the whole machine and load hoisting load, it must maintain good lubrication state, in event of oil leakage, the oil should be removed and replaced, and the lubricating oil should be replaced.

Second , when the lower roller is worn to its limit size, it should be repaired by welding or replaced new parts.


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